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7 Tips For Beginner Freelance Malay Wedding Photographers

There are tons of opportunities to make a living as a photographer in the Malay wedding photography market because luckily the Malay community have no shortage of people getting married each year.

A few days ago an old friend of mine contacted me, expressing his interest in becoming a freelance Malay wedding photographer. We discussed quite a number of things and I think why not just share some tips with you guys as well.

Let me share with you 7 tips for anyone out there who are interested in becoming a freelance Malay wedding photographer! (This is a long but super informative post so read until the end if you dare!)

1. Buy a new camera if you can, but it's ok to buy used too!

Buying a brand new camera has it's perks, like having that 'store smell' and since it is purely new it is less likely to break. If it does break, it is usually covered by the manufacturers warranty so you can quickly get it repaired or replaced 1 to 1 without much hassle.

Since you are going to…