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Why Pro Photographers Don't Want To Share Their Knowledge

Not a long time ago I was approached by someone who messaged me to give a thank you note. He thanked me and my fellow photography blogger Ezad for being so generous for sharing a lot of tips online in our writings.
Next, he said that a lot of PRO photographers are unwilling to share their knowledge and expertise to newbies like him.
Ok I absolutely can relate. Been there bro.
I learned photography mostly from reading articles and watching tutorials online. During my years of learning, I have approached some pro photographers, trying to befriend them and probably ask for some tips here and there. Unfortunately not all of them have a lot of time to babysit me (yes I call it babysitting on purpose).
They are full time working professionals. They run a business. They make sales, they handle calls, they make documentations, they handle online marketing, they shoot, they edit, they design, they chase the clients for payment and etc. Running a business, especially a solo gig just take…